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Between the undersigned:


A simplified single shareholder company (Société par actions simplifiée unipersonnelle) with a capital of €5,000, registered on the Coutances Trade and Companies Register under number 822 428 561

With its registered office at 12 rue Carnot, F-50800 Villedieu les Poêles, represented by its President, Ms Jennifer Decamp

Tel : 06 89 56 36 44

Email : jenniferdecamp@hotmail.com

Hereafter referred to as the Lessor, the party of the first part,

And :

Your Details
Booking Information
* After 7pm, guests can access the property using a key lock box. Check-out is before 11am

Number of people per gite

**Sauna: €5 per person. Minimum weekend price: €60 for 10 people.
Weekly fixed price: €120 for 10 people or €200 for 20 people
***Spa: €10 per person. Minimum weekend price: €100 for 10 people or less.
Weekly fixed price: €200 for 10 people or €300 for 20 people

Options price = {math_result} €

Final Price

Final price = {math_result} €

* Includes price of stay, tourist tax and options
Tourist tax (€1.60/adult/night) = {math_result} €

Deposit = {math_result} €


Rental address :12 et 14 bis et 16 chemin des montsF-50700 Tamerville


A security of €500 per gite booked must be paid by cheque on the day the keys are handed over. It will be returned no later than seven days after your departure once the cleaning has been completed. Please note: if you plan to arrive after 7pm, the security cheque must be sent by post in advance. If you do not require the cleaning option, the security will consist of: A cheque of €500 and the amount in cash corresponding to the cleaning costs. This amount will be returned to you upon departure after the cleaning has been checked.

Relaxation Area

The relaxation area is shared with the other gites on the property. A booking schedule for private use is available. The relaxation space is open 24/7 (Infants under 4 and unaccompanied children are not permitted in this area)


Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the house. Fireworks cannot be let off on the property. The bins should be correctly sorted and emptied into the appropriate receptacles. Please dispose of your glass bottles at the bottle bank in Tamerville. If your waste has not been sorted or glass is left in the house after your departure, you will be billed for the time needed to sort the waste, which will be deducted from your security. Please return the indoor and outdoor games to their boxes and place them back where you found them on arrival (See rulebook). Choosing the cleaning option does entitle you to rearrange the house. Please ensure that any beds, chairs or other furniture and objects which are moved are returned to where you found them.


A Reminder:

"As stated in Article R.1334-31 of the Public Health Code: “No sound should impinge on the peacefulness of the neighbouring area or the health of others, in a public or private place, as a result of its duration, repetition or intensity, whether it is caused by a person directly, by something for which they are responsible or an animal under their responsibility”. Making noise in the outside areas is prohibited. Equally, fireworks and any other outdoor entertainment is prohibited, including the release of lanterns or any other potentially dangerous activity. This is in order to respect the neighbours and the law. Failure to comply with this rule may result in you being sanctioned by the authorities and you may be asked to leave the accommodation immediately without being entitled to any compensation. Please put out the fire before going to bed. Do not light candles in the house and please smoke outside. By signing this contract, you also undertake to comply with the rules of the spa placed next to the pool and in the rulebook which you can download from the website: www.laclefdecamp.fr (Do not drink alcohol or smoke in the spa. Please be aware of drowning risks and other dangers). By signing this contract, the lessee releases SASU LA CLEF DECAMP, Jennifer Decamp, the owner of the gites described below, from all liability, including possible risks arising from the use of the spa, sauna, fireplace, kitchen, staircase and other potential sources of risk. Please note that every effort has been made to ensure that the gites are as safe as possible. The owner cannot be held responsible for inconvenience caused by third parties or other lessees behaving in an ill-mannered way.


This contract shall enter into force upon payment of the deposit. This rental is agreed subject to the usual legal conditions on the matter, and in particular to those hereunder, with which the lessee undertakes to comply. Failure of the lessee to comply may lead to liability for damage and even termination of this agreement, at the discretion of the authorised representative, without any entitlement to a reduction in the rent.
  1. 1. a) Check-in time is normally between: 4pm and 7pm
Check-out time is normally between: 8am and 11am
  1. 1. B) It is agreed that, in the event of withdrawal: Of the lessee: - more than one month before the start of the lease, the lessee shall forfeit the deposit paid (with the possibility of agreeing another date) - less than one month before the start of the lease, the lessee shall pay the difference between the deposit and the equivalent of the total rent due, by way of a penalty clause (with the possibility of agreeing another date)
Of the lessor: - more than one month before the start of the lease, the lessor shall return the deposit paid - less than one month before the start of the lease, the lessee shall return the deposit and pay the difference between the deposit and the equivalent of the total rent due, by way of a penalty clause.
  1. 1. C) If the lessee fails to inform the lessor of a delay of more than four days from the original start date, the lessor has the legal right to attempt to lease the accommodation to another party, while maintaining the right to pursue remedies against the lessee.
  2. 2.D) The lessee undertakes to occupy the property in person, to reside there in a prudent and responsible manner, and to maintain it in a good condition. Repairs needed as a result of negligence or poor maintenance during the rental period will be payable by the lessee. The lessee undertakes to maintain the peacefulness of the neighbouring area and ensure that it is not disturbed by the lessee or their family.
  3. 3. E) The premises are rented furnished with cooking utensils, crockery, glassware, duvets and pillows. If necessary, the owner or their representative shall be entitled to claim from the lessee upon their departure the total cost for the replacement of furniture or items which have been broken, cracked, chipped or damaged beyond normal wear and tear for the duration of the rental period, as well as the cost for cleaning dirty blankets. Compensation will also be due for damage of any kind to curtains, wallpaper, ceilings, rugs, carpets, glass, bedding, etc.
  1. 1. F) The lessor undertakes to insure the accommodation against leasing risks on behalf of the lessee. The lessee must inform the lessor of any accident which occurs in the accommodation, its outbuildings or annexes within 24 hours.
  2. 2. G) The security must be paid by cheque or cash and will be returned upon departure after the accommodation has been checked or within seven days following departure.

The Lessee

The Lessor

Read and approved
signature - RENTAL CONTRACT LA DUCKERIE - Location de Gite La Clef Decamp - Laclefdecamp.fr


Laissez-nous vous recontacter pour vous proposer une offre adaptée à vos besoins


    Laissez-nous vous recontacter pour vous proposer une offre adaptée à vos besoins

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