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Reminder of the agreement regarding damage, disturbance, cleaning and the Spa.

I hereby confirm that I have taken out travel insurance including civil liability cover, as requested in the agreement and Welcome Guide. If the total cost of damage is greater than the security deposit, I or my insurer shall pay the difference.

I hereby declare that I have taken note of the regulations stipulating that, in the event of someone in the neighbourhood complaining about our group’s behaviour or about any disturbance due to noise emanating from our group, whether or not the police are notified, I shall accept responsibility and agree to a charge of €400 being taken from our security deposit, as stipulated in the agreement that I have signed.

In addition, if I have not taken out the Cleaning option, I hereby declare that I have taken note of the regulations stipulating that the accommodation must be returned in a spotlessly clean condition (cf Welcome Guide). If the accommodation is not returned in a clean condition, I shall accept responsibility and agree to an amount being levied from the security deposit representing the number of hours of cleaning required, as stipulated in the agreement.

Upon arrival at the gîte, if I deem the premises to be unclean, I shall immediately email photos to contact@laclefdecamp.fr to avoid any misunderstanding. If La Clef Decamp does not receive any photos, this shall be taken to mean that the gîte is spotlessly clean.

In the Spa, I undertake to comply with the following rules:

Never turn the spa tub off, always rinse well before getting into the spa and never eat, drink, smoke or have sexual relations in the spa. Access is prohibited to children under the age of 16. Replace the cover immediately after use, do not wait an hour.

Owing to the current health situation, we ask guests who have not taken out the “Bedding” option to email us photos of their beds, once made up, on the day of their arrival. If we do not receive anything, we will assume that guests have slept on the beds using uncovered duvets and a charge of €25 per bed will be levied through the card pre-authorisation for washing duvets, pillow protectors and mattress.

Any failure to observe these rules may result in this area being closed, without entitlement to any refund. You may also be asked to pay compensation.

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